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Why You Should use Humour in Therapy

Home About Therapists Corner BlogWhy You Should use Humour in TherapyDo you use humour in therapy?The traditional advice is to avoid it if you can.Freud famously thought part of humour is either a sexual

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How to Fully Apply the CBT Approach to Treating Low Self-Esteem

Home About Therapists Corner BlogHow to Fully Apply the CBT Approach to Treating Low Self-EsteemYour client has crippling self-esteem.Every week you sit with them and go over old ground. You challenge

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8 Simple Strategies to Stop Clients Leaving

Home About Therapists Corner Blog8 Simple Strategies to Stop Clients LeavingDo your clients leave early?Everything seems to be going fine, but one day they don't show up.You're sure there's more

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