Relationship Counselling

Your relationship is failing. You feel confused and stuck like you've reached a dead end. But if two people care about each other, they deserve the best chance to make it work.

I Help Couples Heal Their Relationship

Relationships often run into trouble. There are many common misunderstandings about how they work, and it's hard to know where to turn to for advice. Healing is best done through evidence-based practice. I provide a researched-based approach to couples work.

Proven Framework

The framework I use when working with couples is well established. It was developed by researcher Jon Gottman and clinical psychologist Julie Gottman.


The Gottman's work includes many exercises to help you think about, discuss and solve many different relationship problems, including conflict and gridlock.

Additional Resources

There are a lot of worksheets, card decks, videos, and online questionnaires that you can use to assess and mend your relationship.

How Does Relationship Counselling Work

Most people don't have a clear idea about what to expect in couples counselling. These articles address this issue.

How to Have a Great Relationship

Relationships are difficult. We could all do with some good advice. Do any of these articles interest you?

Why is Getting Help Important

Not everyone is convinced that couples counselling is worth the investment in time and money. These articles cover the benefits of getting assistance.

General Relationship Articles

Here are some general articles about relationships and romance.

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Relationship often hit roadblocks. I provide couples with a way to get over these obstacles 

Through couples counselling, I offer a safe space for you to talk through your differences. Together we'll talk about what makes a relationship work based on observational studies of failing and successful couples. We'll assess the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship, and we'll come up with a plan to get your relationship back on track.

Matt Mcginty

About the Author

You want to overcome your relationship troubles and return to the happiness you used to have in your relationship. And you’re realistic. You don’t expect your relationship to mend itself or that it won’t take hard work and compromise. 

But you’re struggling. Much advice sounds perfect but never seems to work in practice — at least not for you. You want to put in the hard work and improve your relationship, but you haven’t had much luck so far. 

Let me assure you; you’re not alone. 

I understand how you feel. I have had difficulties in my relationship too. It was only when I discovered the framework that I now use that I could mend and recover my relationship. Now I use the same framework to help couples do the same.

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