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CBT Therapy Peterborough

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, or CBT for short, is one of the more popular therapies around.

It is liked by the NHS because there have been many studies showing its effectiveness, particularly in short term therapy.

What is CBT?

The 'C' in CBT refers to cognitive

Cognition essentially refers to what we think and how we think. It includes all the different things our mind can do, like planning, problem-solving, decision-making, and drawing conclusions.

The 'B' in CBT refers to behaviour

It includes our actions, what we do and what we avoid doing. It incorporates subtle actions like where we look or how we stand and more obvious actions like places we tend to avoid.

Thoughts Matter

A central idea of CBT is that the perspective or view we take of an event is vital in helping us understand how we feel and act.

Mind Body Interaction

In other words, how we think about an event is vital in helping us understand why we feel and act in particular ways.

Why CBT?

CBT is a little different to other types of therapy. Here are some of the benefits:

Is scientifically based

There is a lot of evidence that supports a CBT approach for anxiety, anger and depression.

Looks at symptoms (such as anxiety or depression)

CBT is very focused on reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, for example, panic attacks.

Does not look for deep-seated historical causes

CBT is focused on what is happening now and does not have a strong focus on the past.

Is often effective in the short-term

CBT can result in immediate improvement. Typically 3-6 sessions are enough to see change.

Managing Problems with CBT

There is real and convincing evidence that CBT can help with many problems, and better still, CBT can be effective either through self-help – by reading about it, or through only a short number of sessions with a trained CBT counsellor or therapist.

CBT is known to be effective with a large number of problem areas, including:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Quiting Smoking
  • Insomnia
  • Alcholism
  • Anger Management
  • Relationship Problems
  • Chronic Pain
  • Low Self Esteem
  • CBT Peterborough

    Mental Wellness Counselling and CBT

    Both Mind and the NHS offer free time-limited CBT Therapy in Peterborough, although there is usually a wait time of several weeks or months.

    Here at Mental Wellness Counselling, we recognise the importance of CBT, and it is a pillar of our treatment process.

    In your first session, you can share a little about what is troubling you and how you think CBT can help. Together we'll draw up a CBT based treatment plan designed to get you back on your feet in the shortest time possible.

    Any CBT plan should include, at a minimum, the following:

    • Exploration and identification of the potential triggers for your problem area.
    • Exploration of some of your thoughts and feelings during the problem area process or cycle.
    • The introduction of tools and techniques that can help you start to get control and defeat whatever is troubling you.

    In addition, your therapist may provide you with:

    • A set of CBT handouts and worksheets 
    • Examples of basic CBT techniques 
    • A list of CBT interventions

    A good counsellor should offer CBT in conjunction with other counselling and therapy techniques.

    CBT is not the only type of therapy that has been found to be useful.

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    Matt has been and still is a great support in my busy working life. Advising and pointing in the right direction in order to overcome any difficult situations. Thank you Matt.

    I cannot recommend anyone better. I had various problems and Matt was able to help put things in perspective. Very highly recommended.

    Reach Out

    Reach out to schedule your first session. During your first session, you can share a little about what is troubling you and how you think CBT can help.

    You can share a bit about what's troubling you, and I can answer any questions you might have.

    We'll discuss your goals and my approach and assess whether we are the right fit for each other.

    To schedule your first appointment, call 01733 639 040, email or use my online booking calendar to book a time suitable for you.

    I'm here for you.


    Is CBT right for me?

    CBT is proven to work for the vast majority of people, it is highly likely it will work for you. But don't worry all our therapist are trained with a number of approaches and would be happy to discuss these with you. As mentioned, it is highly likely CBT will have some positive effect.

    What if CBT doesn't work?

    CBT is highly likely to have a positive effect, if it doesn’t, talk to your counsellor about trying other approaches. Your counsellor should be more than willing to discuss these with you.

    What are your fees?

    All Sessions (Individual and Couple, Face to Face and Online):  

    £50 for the first session, £40 thereafter.

    Sessions are 50-60 minutes and I have a 24 hours notice cancellation policy.

    How long will therapy take?

    CBT can be quite effective in the short term so its best to think of 6 sessions. Of course you may want less or more, it's up to you, but 6 sessions is a good guideline.

    Will you prescribe medication?

    No I don’t prescribe medication, for medication you need to see a GP or a Psychiatrist. I can discuss medication with you based on my knowledge or this area, but before taking any you should see either a GP or Psychiatrist or someone else qualified to proscribe it.

    When can we have sessions?

    I am open 8.30 am to 9.30 pm Mon - Sun. I have availability in the evenings and at weekends.

    Reach out if you'd like to talk about how I can help. 01733 639 040


    Everything you say is confidential. There are a couple of exceptions, but they are rare. I will cover these in the 1st session.

    No Contract

    You only attend as many sessions as you feel appropriate. For CBT this is anywhere from 1 to 6 sessions

    Informal Style

    I have had extensive training, including in CBT, but I wear my training lightly. I am friendly and informal.