I Help Individuals Eliminate Their Stress and Anxiety

Your anxiety is overwhelming. You feel afraid. But you shouldn't have to suffer. Anxiety is a solvable problem.

The Benefits of My Approach

Science Based

Scientific research supports every suggestion I make; if the evidence is lacking or mixed on a particular subject, I plainly say so.

Uniqueness of the Individual

Since every person is different, there is no one size fits all approach. I emphasise finding strategies and tips that work for you.


Lots of evidence shows we only learn by experience; I encourage you to try out different strategies.


The recent lockdowns have impacted many people's mental health. These articles explore these effects and how to manage them. 

How to Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety reduction is possible. These articles explore some of the ways to achieve it.


Sometimes we need assistance from others in life. Like you go to a doctor for a physical problem, have you considered going to a counsellor to help with your anxiety?

June 10

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February 10

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September 25

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More Resources

Here are some more posts on how to reduce your stress and anxiety.

General Posts

Here are some general posts on stress and anxiety. Read through these and leave a comment.

About this Blog

You want to overcome your frustration, stress and anxiety and have life return to normal. And you’re a realist too. You don’t expect that life should always be plain sailing or that you won’t need to grow and change.

But you’re struggling. Much advice sounds great but never seems to work in practice — at least not for you. You want to put in the hard work and improve your well-being, but you haven’t had much luck so far.

Let me assure you; you’re not alone.

I understand how you feel. When I lived abroad in China as an English teacher, I often felt lonely and isolated, and this caused a lot of anxiety. Then when I returned to the UK, I struggled to settle down. It took a lot of hard work and effort to find peace, clarity and contentment.

Now I’m a qualified mindfulness teacher and counsellor, guiding clients to overcome similar problems. I’ve helped hundreds overcome their frustration and improve their mental and emotional outlook, achieving lasting happiness and health.

Whether clients arrive with panic, anxiety, depression, feeling stuck or lacking confidence, or with relationship troubles, we’ve found a solution. Drawing on my life experience and broad education, together, we’ve overcome obstacles, building solid foundations and setting clear directions.

I created this blog to share well researched and practical mental health advice that works. I explain the best tips, tricks and the latest science in a clear and actionable way.

Reading this blog will help you to explore what happiness means to you. It’ll provide you with all you need to achieve real change in your life. It’ll help you gain confidence, clarity and coping skills, increasing your life satisfaction.

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