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Do Any of the Following Resonate With You

  • You have too much stress and anxiety
  • You are struggling to concentrate
  • You feel emotional and are struggling to control your emotions
  • You have poor memory
  • You have too much worry and are struggling to sleep at night


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I'd been reading a lot about Mindfulness but was getting confused. Reaching out to Matt really enable me to consolidate what I had learnt and to build up a daily Mindfulness practice that give me the peace and calm I need without taking up to much time

Isabelle Sanders
Isabelle Sanders

I was nervous about attending but Matt is such a calm and friendly guy that I immediately felt at ease. Now I've learnt so much about how to manage my stress. I feel much better. I am more calmer and relaxed and able to appreciate life more. Some of the best Counselling in Peterborough.

Derren Joseph

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about me

I offer stress and anxiety reduction counselling and Mindfulness training in Peterborough. I provide a variety of counselling initial assessments, individual counselling, relationship and marriage counselling, young persons counselling and group therapy.

I'm a fully trained Mindfulness teacher and have several degrees and masters, the most recent a post graduate diploma in Gestalt (Awareness) Counselling and Psychotherapy theory and Practice. I operate under the BACP (British Association for Counselling) Guidelines. I have lived in Peterborough since 2015.

If required, I can offer CBT Therapy  in line with Mind Peterborough.

General FAQs
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My Philosophy

  • You’re here because you know that life can be better
  • Peterborough Counselling will work with you to make progress toward creating a life of wellness
  • It's not easy deciding you need help
  • No matter what that final thing was that made you come here, we'll work together to identify the next steps forward
  • I want to help you identify the problem, come up with solutions, and move on with your life as soon as possible
  • It may be hard, but feeling better is possible.

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