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Reach out to schedule your first session.

Call, email or use my online booking calendar to schedule your first session. Sessions are 50 minutes long and during the first session, you'll be able to come exactly as you are. You can share what's going on for you and we can explore how I can help.

I will respond in 24 business hours to all calls and emails.

Call: 01733 639 040


33 St Johns Close Peterborough, PE3 6GZ 

Next to the Peterborough Minor Illness and Injury Unit, also known as the City Care Centre on Thorpe Road. St Johns Close is the name of access road that leads to the City Care Centre. My office is on the right of the access road, you can park for free in either of the two parking spots with the number 16. 

Note: You may need to use PE3 6DB for Sat Nav.

Click to See Photographs

Note: I practice in my own home, if you'd like to see pictures please click here. My practice is welcoming to all no matter what race, gender, skin colour, religion or sexuality. We're all different and I will strive to do my best to understand your experience and how you are unique.

Unfortunately I am on the second floor and there is no lift, so my disability access is limited. I am trying to remedy this by looking for alternate spaces to practice. If required, I am more than happy to travel for visits. Matt 

Call Now to find out how I can help

If I can't take your call, I'll call you right back.