To have a Thriving Expat Life, You Need to Master Your Mental and Relationship Health

Living abroad is harder than you think, everyone deserves to be armed with the best skills and knowledge to thrive.

I believe that everyone should benefit from the latest research into mental and relationship health and that it shouldn't cost a fortune.  If everyone understood what makes relationships work and depth psychology, they would thrive, no matter where they lived.


My approach is authentic, which means I don't shy away from the human condition and focus on helping you critically decide your own unique path to meaning. 


I am accepting of whatever is going on for you right now. I will listen in a non-judgemental manner and support you through kindness and acceptance.

Evidence Based

I am trained up to a Masters Level in Depth Psychology and  Level 2 in the Gottman Relationship Counsellor Programme. I am working toward my doctorate.   

My Story

Born in the UK, I first left home when I was 18 to live in Spain and work in the hospitality industry before going to University. During my time at university I spent my summers in the Netherlands and Gran Canaria, working in bars and restaurants. I also spent a year on student exchange in Canada. 

After graduating, I worked as a volunteer in Uganda, Africa and then moved to China to teach English and learn Chinese.

These were wonderful experiences and I don't regret any of it, but there were times when I struggled.

I know what it’s like to feel isolated and afraid—alienated from locals and even other expats. That’s why after graduating with a doctorate in counselling and psychotherapy and undertaking post-graduate work and study in marital counselling, I decided to specialise in helping those living abroad.

I want everyone to get the skills and knowledge to perfect their relationships and strengthen mental health. I want their time aboard to be exciting and rewarding.

A female counsellor listening and giving counsel to a man about mental health
Individual Counselling

I'm trained in depth psychology, which explores the pain, wonder and joy of being human. I have completed 140 hours of my own personal therapy and helped hundreds of clients work through their suffering to find peace and contentment.

Couples Counselling

John Gottman researched relationships for 30 years, often filming couples in their home. My work is based on a distillation of his research findings. I include practical exercises and useful guides to help transform your relationship.

A female therapist giving advice to a woman on sofa at home

Transition Coaching

Moving abroad can be daunting. There is so much to do and consider. It's easy to feel overwhelmed. I coach expats and nomads to make the successful transition to living aboard.

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