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You’re an expat. You enjoy the thrill of living abroad, getting to know a new culture, and exploring incredible places. You enjoy being in a new country. Yet you’re a realist too. The expat and nomad life have challenges and downsides, so it isn’t always clear sailing.

You’re struggling. The problems you thought you could manage yourself have become too big to bear alone. Changing places or hoping things will get better is a strategy that no longer seems to work.

As someone who’s lived and travelled abroad extensively, I understand how you feel. Originally from the UK, I’ve lived and worked in Spain, the Netherlands, Uganda, Canada, and China. I’ve had some fantastic times and memories that will last forever. There are no regrets, but there were times when I struggled.

I know what it’s like to feel isolated and afraid—alienated from locals and even other expats. That’s why after graduating with a doctorate in counselling and psychotherapy and undertaking post-graduate work and study in marital counselling, I decided to specialise in helping those living abroad.

I want you to remember all the reasons you wanted to live abroad, to embrace all the new experiences you dreamed of when you first moved, and to feel less isolated and more supported wherever you are.

Download my free resource list for optimum mental health when moving and living abroad. In it, you find a list of 50+ books on expat life—everything from Culture Shock to How to Move Your Whole Family Abroad.

I’d love to be the person to help you. If you’re ready, please book a free 15 minute session with me to find out if we’re a good fit. You can also sign up for my blog about expat mental health here. In the blog, I cover how to stay mentally well while on the road, relationship advice for expats and nomads, and topics related to expat personal growth.

You don’t need to be alone. With the proper support and advice, you can thrive, whether this is your first time abroad or your seventeenth.

Guide: How to Become an Expat Expert Without a Tonne of Research

In this guide there are over 50 books for you and your family. That's a mini, portable library. Books are organised into topics such as 'Getting ready' and  'Books for Children'.