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The 3 Main Mindfulness Programmes



Overall there are three main courses that cover Mindfulness. Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MSBR), Mindful Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Mindfulness Now.

Mindfulness Now is the newest and most dynamic of the three. Hence it is the one we teach here at Mindful Action Now.

Before we introduce Mindfulness Now, let’s take a step back to where clinical Mindfulness began. Back to an unlikely hospital in the Southern USA.



Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and colleagues at the University of Massachusetts developed MBSR in the 1970s. At the time it was a pioneering approach. By incorporating Mindfulness Meditations into clinical practice they were able to make a significant impact in field of stress reduction. Their easy to follow and active eight week program delivered results that the psychological and medical communities could not ignore.

Since then the program has gone from strength to strength. It now has wide support across various governmental and medical institutions. More often than not it is the course of choice in helping patients reduce anxiety and stress.



MBCT was developed by Dr Mark Williams and Colleagues at the University of Oxford. MBCT built on the MBSR programme to offer an approach to helping people with depression.

As those who have had depression know, it is surprisingly easy to suffer relapses. The MBCT course helps clients with their awareness of thoughts, feelings and body sensations.  It then develops the techniques to allow clients a creative response to any signs of depression.

As with MBSR the course has been widely received.  Moreover decades of research has proven its’ effectiveness. Reducing the reoccurrence of depressive episodes by at least 40%.


Mindfulness Now

The latest course to be added to the portfolio is Mindfulness Now. Nick Cook at Central College England developed it in response to the demands from his clients. It combines the key elements of MSBR and MBCT, along with new practices based on the latest research.

It is the most up to date and comprehensive of the courses.

In addition, while MBSR was developed for stress and MBCT tailored to help those with depression, Mindfulness Now is structured to support general well-being.

It is still extremely useful to those who suffer from, anxiety or depression, but it is also accessible to a wider audience. Anyone who wants to improve their general well-being will benefit.

Most importantly, however, is Mindfulness Now’s flexible approach. The program is adapted to meet the needs of the individual course clients. And whereas MBSR and MBCT place emphasis on ‘formal’ meditation, Mindfulness Now includes a mix of ‘formal’ and ‘informal’ practices.

It is also developed for busy people.

So practices are designed to give maximum benefit with the minimum encroachment on your time.

Certified by The British Psychological Society it is one of the most comprehensive and accessible courses around. Moreover it comes with one to one and weekly group support as well personalised recordings and a one-day retreat.

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