November 29

What is Relationship Counselling?



Any relationships are hard. They’re hard to start, hard to maintain and it’s really hard when they come to an end. They all have their ups and downs, their highs and lows, and with the additional pressures of modern-day living, it’s not surprising that so many relationships ultimately fail, but failure doesn’t have to be the end. Relationship counselling might just be the thing you need when all seems lost.

You might think you know what relationship counselling is. You might even have already written couples therapy off as just something ‘for other people’ or already decided that ‘it won’t work’, but having a trained counsellor available to you and your partner might be what you both need.

Where can I get Relationship Advice?

Leave behind what you think relationship counselling is and let’s take a good look at it. There are many different organisations up and down the United Kingdom that offer relationship advice to couples. Whatever stage you’re at in your relationship, regardless of age, ethnicity or sexuality, there will be someone to help you.

Difficulties in a relationship can often start small. Those nagging little idiosyncrasies or annoying habits which seemed cute and quirky at the start of your relationship can soon become the most frustrating thing in the world. When the honeymoon period of any relationship has come to an end, and you’re left with each other, it takes a lot of time, patience and understanding to live with another human being all the time.

Do I Need Relationship Counselling?

If leaving dirty clothes on the floor or washing-up in the sink is your idea of a good time, then modern life has more than enough of its own pressures to throw a spoke in the wheel of love’s young or even middle-aged dream. Money worries, workload and raising children are just three aspects of life that are all incredibly hard to manage, even with the strongest of relationships. When cracks begin to appear in the foundations, then wouldn’t a little relationship advice from people who are trained to offer expert help be welcome?

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What Happens in Relationship Counselling?

Sessions with any relationship counsellor aren’t written in stone, so what you experience will differ depending on who you speak to, but generally, you and your partner will undergo a number of appointments both separately and together. It is the perfect time to talk about your issues and the problems you’re facing. For some people, a few sessions might be enough to resolve the difficulties you’re having, but for others, it might be the start of a long journey of personal discovery. Naturally, only you, your partner and the counsellor will know which path is right for you.

As you’re going through the process, what can you expect? Well, again, obviously it will vary, but many people say that it helps them to clarify their feelings about the relationship and even, in some cases, themselves. It can also help you to overcome these relationship molehills before they turn into life-defining mountains.

Is relationship counselling for everyone? Maybe not, but how would you know if you don’t try. Relationships are hard, but successful ones are even harder, and that’s why we love them. Here at Mental Wellness, we offer relationship counselling amongst other services. So, if you are thinking about counselling, then give us a call on 01733 639 040, or visit our contact page for more details. 

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