Mental Wellness Counselling
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    What You can Expect in Counselling or Coaching.

    There is no one right way and each approach differs depending on your needs and your preferred learning style. 

    During the first session we'll talk about what brought you here and what you would most like to learn.

    The Essentials

    • You will always be met in a supportive, understanding manner.
    • You'll be able to discuss what is present for you and I'll accept and support without judgement.
    • You bring your ideas
    • You steer the ship

    What We May Look at

    My approach is based on a wide-variety of techniques and there are a number of different things we could discuss all depending on your requirements.

    • Forming meaningful relationships
    • Improving day-today habits
    • Learning about feelings in your body
    • Positive thinking and motivation
    • Feeling more  connected and understanding to those close to you
    • Exploring your past and the deeper parts of the mind.
    • Help through changes in life
    • Increased ability to deal with the difficult stuff life throws in your way


    My treatment Style in more detail

    I treat all of the following, click on each one to find out more about the details of my approach to each. 

    Types of Therapy