March 29

The Safest and Best Ways to Release Anger & Stress

Stress and Anxiety


Anger management is an important part of life. There are a wide array of anger management techniques that can be used to fight anger issues. These will allow you to managing your emotions and improve your day to day life. Emotional management is one key to leading a more satisfying and productive life.


Think before you speak. This will allow you to have time to truly do what you have to do in an effective way.

Stay Calm

Express your anger when calm. This will allow you to think clearly because you’re not frustrated.


Getting some exercise is also useful in helping release frustration and anger. In general, it will also make you more relaxed.


Taking some timeout during the day can allow you to shed toxins that you might have built up in your body. Timeouts also allow for periods of reflection and the cultivation of a sense of well-being.

Possible Solutions

Thinking about alternatives is also important because everything is relative. Changing your perspective of situations can often produce different outcomes.


Reframing the situation can sometimes allow you to gain peace of mind. Thinking of situations in different ways, from different angles, particularly from the perspective of another person can lead to anger reduction.


Take responsibility for the outcome of any situation. How you react in the short term can affect you in the long term


Holding grudges doesn’t bring any positive outcomes, and has a bigger impact on you than on the person that you’re holding a grudge against. Learn to forgive so that you can move on.


A joke is a good way to release any built-up tension. Try not to take thing so seriously and to cultivate a sense of detached humour.


Meditation has also been found to be useful in releasing tension. Meditation will help you to keep calm and reflect on anything that is causing you stress.

Remember that you can think your way out of anger. Shift your attention to a good thing that has happened to you in the past, can help lower your anger levels. This will not work 100% of the time but is a good tactic temporarily. Keeping your sense of humour may allow you to handle a stressful situation right away. A joke can help you release a lot of toxins right away, which will allow you to cope with your anger as soon as possible. Forgive anyone who has done something bad to you so you can get rid of your anger as soon as possible. Taking a timeout will allow you to deal with your anger more effectively down the road, and this will be better if you mix it with meditation.

If you’re struggling with anger and anger management, please feel free to get in touch to discuss how we can help with counselling.

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