August 25

Stay Positive: Handling Life Transitions Without Negativity

How To Be Happy


When life changes drastically, it might be tempting to engage in negative activities like overdrinking. What we’re really looking for is a sense of control. There may be no better time than now to trade out some bad habits with good ones. Here are a few tips from Counselling in Peterborough to help you create positive habits after a major life transition.


Familial relationships are the most important in life, so it’s crucial to keep them positive and healthy. A good start is to have an upbeat attitude in the morning. Yes, you’re tired and so are your partner and kids, but stay cheery anyway. Decide from the moment you wake up that it’s going to be a good day. You’d be surprised at how contagious this attitude ends up being.

Physical health in your family can often get overlooked due to hectic schedules. Make healthy swaps in your cooking like sweet potato chips over regular, Greek yoghurt for sour cream, olive oil for butter — the possibilities are endless. Additionally, incorporate more physical activity into your routine. Have a family dance-off or commit to daily walks. Take a stroll to the park and play frisbee or even tag.


Tied to our family life, our general home life is an opportunity for positive changes, as well. A great first step (and it’s better to do this now rather than later) that the entire family can help with is cleaning and decluttering. Work on both as you go. For example, if you’re dusting the mantle and realise that all the knick-knacks on it are a little much, pack them away and dust their former home. In the kitchen, go through your cabinets and throw out anything that’s old or that you don’t use. Arrange your spices so the ones you use most are in front. The less clutter, the less stressed and distracted you’ll be.

There are also alternative methods for clearing your home of negativity. Many people believe that house cleansing can make a major difference. Some believe in feng shui, the idea that moving items around your house can rebalance the energy in your home. Do what suits you. Instead of crystals, for instance, incorporate religious items into your decor — just don’t create clutter!


It seems like there’s always room for more positivity at work. As a manager, you should lead the way in creating a happy work environment. Start off with an easy one: be friendly and make sure it’s sincere. You can still assert yourself as needed, but sometimes being completely feared isn’t the answer. Give your employees the chance to be heard, and then really listen to them. Give credit where it’s due and recognition for those successes. Remember, it all starts with you.

As an employee, it’s vital to create positivity where you can. Your attitude is important too, so bring that upbeat demeanour you started the morning with into work. Take a little time to declutter and reorganise your desk. Make it as functional as possible, tailored to your habits. Finally, leave work at work. Give your brain a break from those stressors so you can be more present at home.

Work is also a good place to apply your decluttering skills and philosophy. Digital documents such as PDFs are a great way to reduce clutter, you can easily print to a PDF right from your iPhone. This makes it much easier to keep up with important documents no matter where you are. And they're easier to share, too.


Perhaps the most important place to start when replacing negative habits with good is with yourself. Start from within in every sense of the word. Try practising mindful meditation. Essentially, it’s a way to check in on your mind and inner self. Next, watch what you put into your body and how you take care of it. Are you eating healthy? Are you exercising regularly?

Find a way to do something fun for yourself every once in a while. What’s something you’ve always wanted to do? Get a tattoo perhaps? Tattoos are great ways to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries — or just to celebrate you and how hard you work. It can be massive and visible or tiny and secret.

Life will always change. Mental and physical wellbeing will always be important. So take care of yourself, especially during complicated transitions. For professional help making positive life changes, contact Counselling in Peterborough today!

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