March 19

8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Marriage Counselling



When romantic relationships occur, they come with both positive and negative effects. In the early stages, it’s common to only see the positive and brighter side of a relationship. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. It is devoting your life to your partner, vowing to him or her for the remaining time you are alive. With this intense commitment, the long time together, waking up every morning to the same person, it is inevitable that flaws arise and disagreements happen. Some people work it out by themselves. However, others find it difficult to keep up. It can be a very tough time for all when a marriage is broken. That is why some couples opt for marriage counselling, couples’ therapy or seek relationship advice to keep their marriage intact. There are several reasons for marriage counselling. Below are eight good reasons why one should seek relationship advice.

1. Premarital Counselling

It is important to seek relationship advice before tying the knot to set a firm foundation for your marriage. A lot of marriages come to an end because most couples run into marriage before getting to know one another properly. It is important to seek professional advice on how you handle yourself with your partner, know your needs, who gets an upper hand in a disagreement, how to handle your finances, family planning and how to integrate your extended family.

2. Communication

Most relationships are based on communication. You get into the relationship because you could communicate and fell in love. The same way, communication can end a marriage if not it’s not made correctly. Be it verbal or non-verbal. Sometimes you can say something positive but your partner interprets it differently. This makes it important to attend couples’ therapy where you learn the best communication skills from a professional.

3. Intimacy

Sometimes couples tend to lose the sexual attraction they had for their partners at the beginning of their relationship. Marriage counsellors have professional resolutions to such conflicts. This gives them an upper hand in giving the best relationship advice.

4. Infidelity

It is hurtful to learn that your partner has not been faithful despite all the trust you gave. However, hurtful it is it does not mean that the marriage has to end. Couple therapy allows room for healing and understanding why the infidelity occurred.

5. Parenting Styles

In a marriage people of different backgrounds, who have been raised differently come together to build a family. However, when it comes to raising children in the family, differences might come about and might cause some tension. It is important to get coaching on how to make your parenting skills work out.

Relationship counselling

6. Trust

When there is no more trust in a relationship it means that the relationship is in its utmost weakness. In order to regain the trust you once had for each other, a lot of work needs to be done. Marriage counselling can help you and your partner regain the trust you once had for one another.

7. Relationship Issues

Different issues arise in a relationship and it is important to find a way of going about them. Couples therapy is one of the best ways to resolve relationship differences with your partner.

8. Ending a Relationship

Ending a relationship comes with different consequences, anger, sadness or even grief. Settling these issues as well as making agreements is best done in the presence of a marriage counsellor.

A lot of people tend to shy away from marriage counselling due to the fact they are scared to admit that something is wrong in the relationship between them. However, working on the relationship in question helps you grow and resolve issues together. find out how we can help with counselling in Peterborough and Cambridge today.

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