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Couples Counselling

Are you looking for a couples counsellor in Peterborough? We have a number of local Peterborough couples counsellors working for us. We take pride in only working with the best counsellors in Peterborough and at an affordable rate.

Whatever your working through our counsellors are here to serve.

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Online Counselling

More and more people are turning to on-line counselling for a variety of reasons. It can be less intimidating, more convenient to schedule and there is no commute. Moreover there is flexibility, with email support and shorter sessions as potential options.

Your counsellor can be from Peterborough, so you have the option to meet, or from anywhere in the UK.

Why Choose Counselling in Peterborough?

A Place to be Heard

Counselling is a place were trained professionals listen to your deepest concerns and darkest worries. It's a place where you can be yourself and express yourself without any concern about what the other person thinks or will say.

Self Reflection and Learning

Counselling is a place where you can take time to reflect and a time to explore yourself in-depth. Together with your counsellor you will learn how the thoughts feelings and actions you take impact and affect you and your relations.

Creativity and Mindfulness

Over time you'll learn to cope with and deal with your problems in a more insightful, creative and aware away. Together you'll explore which tools and techniques will best help you relax and cope with stress as and when it arises.

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Get the Peace and Joy you deserve

Hi, I'm Matthew Mcginty, (MA, MSc, Diploma),

I'm a counsellor, coach and Mindfulness trainer in Peterborough.

I help people who long to feel calmer, more relaxed, and have more meaning, purpose and passion in life, but whose doubts weigh them down.

I motivate them to go on a journey of exploration so that they can understand themselves better. Getting the healing and confidence they deserve.

Main Benefits of Counselling in Peterborough

Counselling is a caring humanistic profession

Counsellors undertake many years of training and practice  placements that allow them to hone their listening, caring and understanding skills as well as their theoretical understanding of human life.

Many counsellors have struggled with their own problems, have learnt to overcome them and now want to give back.


Experienced Professional

Someone who is trained and experienced in the common problems of human living and chose this work because they care.


Self Knowledge

Gain Knowledge about yourself that it can be hard to find out alone. Together your conversation becomes more.


Exploration of Problems

The understanding of whatever is pressing for you in the moment. A sensitive, creative understanding to pain and despair. 


Knowledge and Learning

An understanding of some of the latest knowledge of what contributes and shapes human happiness.  

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“[My counselor] was a good listener, and could readily focus on the core matter(s) at hand. He was able to address my key issues, and was able to guide me towards a perspective I may not have considered otherwise.”

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