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Open Up Your Relationship



We all enter into relationships with passion and excitement. However, life is often very complex and many couples struggle to keep their relationships thriving through years of everyday struggle. There may also be breakdowns in communication, trust issues, and other concerns that are unique to everyone’s personal circumstances.

Millions of people have relied on a form of relationship therapy to help get things back on track. Couples therapy can help restore trust and passion into a relationship.

Couples therapy is a positive process. Signing up for therapy shows that a couple is willing to work through problems they’re facing and hopefully leads to them regaining happiness and trust. Let’s have a quick look at what relationship therapy is, as well as its potential benefits.


How Can Couples Therapy Help?

The goal of relationship therapy is to help couples reach a place in their relationship where they are both happy. One of the most common problems couples face is a breakdown in communication. Couples can sometimes forget how to communicate with one another or are struggling to share embarrassing or damaging feelings. Relationship therapy is one way that people can work through their communication problems.

Relationship therapy takes place in a relaxed and open environment. Where you can share your feelings without being embarrassed. Therapists and counsellors understand that relationships are sometimes intense and difficult to navigate. However, they will work with you to help find the best solution for both of you.

A counsellor helps couples to understand where they are in their relationship, what their individual goals are, and what they need to do to move forward together.

That is the goal of couples therapy. It is not the goal of therapy to open old wounds or to bring up negative feelings. It exists to help people come to terms with communication issues, emotional problems, and the overall issues that are holding them back from both being satisfied in their relationship.

Relationship Counselling


Opening Up

The main aspect of any kind of therapy revolves around opening up and sharing personal feelings. Many people have a hard time talking clearly about the problems they are facing within their relationship. Failure to communicate is only going to lead to problems in relationships. This is why couples therapy focuses so much on opening up communication. 

Couples therapy encourages people to talk with one another in an open, respectful way. Hopefully, therapy can show people why communication is so important and then help people to learn how to always communicate their feelings effectively.

Therapy can also help people to learn how to manage their emotions, achieve goals in their relationship, and develop techniques to relieve stress and anxiety. Relationship counsellors act as calm, impartial mediators to help you achieve these goals.

To do this you may need to explore complex or painful subjects. This is why a qualified therapist will always gently ease you into approaching such complex issues sensitivity and appropriately. 


Considering Couples Therapy?

If you are considering relationship counselling or couples therapy, the first step towards resolution is to talk to your partner. Agree to meet with a counsellor and be willing to talk through your problems. If a relationship is worth maintaining, then it is also worth saving. If you would like more information please feel free to call us on 01733 639040 or fill out an enquiry form today for counselling in Peterborough.

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