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I have been practising online counselling for a while now and found it just as useful as Face-to-Face.

Research on the effectiveness of online counselling also supports my finding. Clients benefit just as much from online counselling as they do from meeting with their counsellor.

There are several benefits to online counselling.

  1. More convenient counselling options, including location, time, no driving, etc.
  2. Reduces the overall cost and time of therapy due to not having to drive to and from an office.
  3. Increased availability of services to homebound clients, clients with limited mobility, and clients without convenient transportation options.


When I provide phone/video-counselling sessions, I will call you at our scheduled time or send you a link for our secure and confidential video session using.

I expect that you are available at our scheduled time and are prepared, focused and engaged in the session. I am calling you from a private location where I am the only person in the room.

You also need to be in a private location where you can speak openly without being overheard or interrupted by others to protect your confidentiality.

If you choose to be in a place where there are people or others can hear you, I cannot be responsible for protecting your confidentiality. Every effort MUST be made on your part to protect your privacy.

Why Online Counselling Works

Online Counselling because:

  • You get the same benefits as face-to-face counselling, which are:
    • Someone who will listen to you in an unbiased, objective manner.
    • Someone who will support you
    • Someone who has been through several years of counselling themselves as part of their training
    • Someone who has studied and learnt about mental health and how best to maintain it even during times of crisis
  • You may also find it easier to open up to me over the phone or video conference.
  • You may feel more comfortable being honest and exploring your feelings.

Online Counselling Articles

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During times of stress such as now, you may feel that counselling is not possible, but it is.

Online Counselling in Cambridge is available and effective.

You can have online counselling via telephone or via a secure, confidential video conferencing service.

 If you've any questions, please feel free to reach out to me on 01733 639 040 or schedule an appointment using my online booking calendar.

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Main Benefits of Online Counselling in Peterborough

Counselling is a caring humanistic profession

Counsellors undertake many years of training and practice placements that allow them to hone their listening, caring and understanding skills as well as their theoretical understanding of human life.

Many counsellors have struggled with their own problems, have learnt to overcome them and now want to give back.

  1. 1
    Experienced Professional

Someone who is trained and experienced in the common problems of human living and chose this work because they care.

  1. 2
    Self Knowledge

Gain Knowledge about yourself that it can be hard to find out alone. Together your conversation becomes more.

  1. 3
    Exploration of Problems

The understanding of whatever is pressing for you in the moment. A sensitive, creative understanding to pain and despair.

  1. 4
    Knowledge and Learning

An understanding of some of the latest knowledge of what contributes and shapes human happiness. 

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