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Notes About the Counselling Process

  • Therapy is well researched and has a good outcome for those who stick with it. It does, however, require a little commitment. It’s usual to see a little benefit within one to two sessions, but the sessions themselves aren’t always enjoyable. It can be painful and or emotional to talk about difficult experiences.
  • You will often feel better during the week, but having the commitment to turn up to the next session can be difficult.
  • Many people arrive with the idea that they will get better in 1 or 2 sessions. While it all depends on the individual and some people do see rapid progress or get what they want from one session, research shows that it takes 13 to 18 sessions for 50% of clients to get better.
  • Another thing to think about is cost. There are few options for low cost therapy in Peterborough. I think Mind has some low cost places in Cambridge, St Neots, and Whittlesey, but I am not sure what the waiting list is like.
  • I normally charge £40 per session. It can seem lot, but if it helps you get a happier, more productive life then it is usually worth it. (Think of increased income and / or avoided cost in other areas of your life).
  • Private Therapy’s vs. the NHS. The NHS have 6 free sessions of CBT through IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies), the waiting list is usually around 6 months though. CBT can be good for short-term help, but it does not always have depth.
  • Regardless of where you have therapy, it is important is to find a therapist you like. Having a good relationship with a therapist is very important.

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