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NHS Counselling Peterborough vs. Low Cost Private Therapy

Typically within an NHS setting, therapy is subject to constraints. Unlike the private sector, there are a limited number of sessions administered within the NHS. This is understandable considering their tight budgets.

The type of therapy available at the NHS is usually cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). You can usually access it thorough IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies).

The type of CBT offered is either a low or high-intensity basis. Low intensity means shorter sessions and treatment by a psychological well-being practitioner. With high intensity, you will likely see a CBT therapist. You can usually access low intensity quicker. It is more suited to mild psychological issues. It is difficult to find CBT offered at this low-level within the private sector.

Convenience is another key difference. Therapists in the private sector tend to be more flexible in their working hours. They offer more out of hours appointment availability.

Waiting Times

Furthermore, the NHS often has long waiting lists, and the IAPT system is no exception in this case. However, waiting times do vary from a few months to as much as a year. The NHS is trying hard to address this issue. Some trusts are adopting innovative treatment methods which are proving helpful in this sense. Offering computerised and online CBT, for example. This can help in providing quick effective therapy.

Mental Wellness Counselling

As a private practice Mental Wellness Counselling Peterborough cannot offer a free service like NHS Counselling Peterborough can, however, we do try to keep our fees as low as possible. We do this in two ways, by trying to keep our cost per session as low as possible and by offering group therapy.

Group Therapy has a great record of producing results that are as good as, if not better than Individual Therapy. Besides the low cost there are a number of advantages of group therapy.

Group Counselling

Over 100 years of research have shown that group counselling is as effective as 1-2-1 counselling or better. This is because, although you do not get the undivided attention of the therapist you do get the support and understanding of a wider peer group. You will also have the opportunity to meet people who are suffering from the same things you are and learn that you are not alone.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Group Counselling


  • Much cheaper than 1-2-1 Counselling
  • As effective as 1-2-1 Counselling
  • A chance to listen and learn from others
  • A chance to support others
  • A chance to make friends


  • We only currently have groups dealing with depression and anxiety
  • Less individual time with the therapist.


1. How much does it cost?

We charge £10 per person per 60 min session.

2. How many people will be there?

The maximum number of people in each session is 8.

3. What happens if I don’t know anyone?

It doesn’t matter your therapist will introduce you and make you welcome

4. Will anyone know I have been in therapy?

No, unless you personally bring things up then all your details will remain confidential

5. What about confidentiality?

All members are requested to keep confidentiality so you can discuss freely in the group. Only very rarely is this rule broken.

6. What benefits will I likely see?

Group therapy is known to be as effective as one to one therapy. Although the benefits vary from individual to individual you are likely you see an alleviation of your symptoms, usually within a few weeks.

Reach Out

If your interested in group counselling then reach out to contact us. You can tell me a bit about what’s troubling you and I can answer any questions you might have.  We’ll discuss your goals and whether group counselling might be appropriate for you.

To discuss further call 01733 639 040 or email: If you’d like to read more about group counselling click here (coming soon). I’m here for you.

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