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Mindfulness Training FAQs


What is Mindfulness Training like?

We start where you are. In the first session I’ll discuss your background, what you know about Mindfulness already and what your goals are. I’ll then work out a teaching plan. For most clients this involves a mixture of theory and practice.


How long will training take?

​It’s really up to you. In the first session we’ll work out some goals and a timeframe to get there. Most clients like to think in 6 week blocks, but it’s really all up to you.


What purpose does the training serve?

​Mindfulness is a way of being in and relating to the world that has been proven to help people feel calmer, happier and more content with life. It’s not for everyone, but most people benefit from giving it a try.


I don’t feel like I have a major problem. Can I still benefit from training?

​Even if you don’t have a major problem you may still benefit from Mindfulness training. You’ll learn a new skill and have more tools and techniques available if and when problems do arise.


What are your fees and cancellation policy?

My fees are £40 per session and each session is 50 minutes. I have a 24 hours notice cancellation policy.


What if I don’t want to talk about something?

​That’s fine. We are here to talk about Mindfulness and how Mindfulness can help you, you only need to discuss what you feel comfortable sharing. Rest assured, however, anything you do share remains confidential.


Will you get tired of me talking about the same things over and over again?

​No, I know how difficult it can be to solve problems that are worrying you and that everyone learns at their own pace. We’ll take things step by step.


How can I reach you?

​Either give me a call on 07889 589 675 or fill out the contact form below. ​


When can we have sessions?

​I have slots available 6-8pm during the week and from 10-6pm on the weekends.


Is your money back guarantee genuine?

​Yes, I believe in what I do and I’m sure you will benefit, however, if it’s not right for you I want you to have the reassurance that you haven’t wasted your money. I only ask that you try to implement what we have discussed between sessions and discuss any problems with me before asking for a refund.


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