November 7

Mindful Coaching: Is it for you?



Learning Mindfulness is not easy and takes time. It can be a practice that you need encouragement to stick with, or guidance to get right. If you’d like one-to-one coaching then we run these sessions in the evenings and over the weekend at a rate of £35 per 50 min session.

Many people find the one-to-one coaching sessions useful. They are particularly effective in reducing stress, anxiety, or in lifting depression. But they can be useful for any number of problems.  In 1-to-1 sessions we focus on meditations and encouraging compassion for ourselves. We also practice awareness and a beginners mind.

These two in particular are useful for coaching. With awareness we can learn to accept our feelings and situation as they are. It gives us great ground to approach our problems afresh. So does a beginners mind.

A beginners mind means approaching an event as if it was the first time. We discard all the thinking and ways of doing that we used to and try to see things through fresh eyes. With a bit of practice it is possible to learn to get a brand new perspective on our troubles. The solutions now begin to suggest themselves.

What makes a good coach

A good coach asks the right questions and then listens non-judgmentally. We approach ourselves with compassion and we ask our clients to do the same to themselves. We accept the answers that clients find within themselves and we ask that you accept them too. Through this process both client and coach can grow.

A good coach never answers your question for you. They just help you find the answers within.

If you’d like to try mindful coaching, drop us a line at or check out our services and FAQ page. All sessions are tailored to suit your specific needs.

Talk soon.


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