June 30

How to Manage Anxiety & Depression During Lockdown

Stress and Anxiety


Best Ways To Beat Anxiety & Depression!

The coronavirus pandemic has caused so many difficulties for everyone, in one way or another. But some people will be competing with extra challenges during this lockdown period which includes difficulties brought on by anxiety and depression.

Most of us are well in tune with the effects that the coronavirus could cause a person physically if they were to catch it. But we need to also be aware of the effects that this crisis can have on people’s mental well-being.


A large majority of the population already suffer from depression, anxiety, or both. The worry brought on by this situation, and the resulting stress could cause significant bouts of depression and anxiety in many. What may add to this is the situation of lockdown, which has put a stop to physical social activity. This is further complicated by not being allowed to visit loved ones who live outside the person’s current place of living.


However, it’s also possible that we could see an increase in suffering brought on by the pandemic. This crisis is no small thing and has understandably caused a lot of people to be concerned about multiple things, with key topics naturally including the health and safety of loved ones and job security, with a lot considering financial impacts. This coupled with the restrictions in effect due to lockdown could lead people to experience bouts of depression and create anxiety around the situation.


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Regarding the restrictions, we must follow government guidelines. But you can take some steps that may be helpful.


Use Being at Home to your Advantage

Naturally, the overriding thought of being ‘stuck at home’ can make people feel trapped. But try and think of all the things you can do whilst at home, that you didn’t find time to do before, and see if you can reframe the idea of being stuck inside to ‘I have a chance to focus on myself and my home, take things a little more slowly, and enjoy things I didn’t find time for previously.’


Give Yourself a Break from the News

It’s only natural to want to be kept updated with the news, to know how things are currently standing regarding coronavirus, lockdown and the related restrictions. You may even feel that you have to always be connected to a news source in some way, 24/7. But too much news and a constant stream of updates can be bad for our mental health. Perhaps limit yourself to one or two main updates a day, rather than constantly having a roaming stream.


Have a routine

Some people may benefit from a routine. Finding a daily set of tasks, giving yourself some form of ritual after the restrictions removed your previous routines running order, may be helpful to an individual. This could help someone find some form of normality which can be good for well being.



It’s always advisable to speak to someone you feel comfortable with. These are difficult times but you do not have to take it all on yourself, and it is never going to be good for one’s mental health, including depression and anxiety, keeping too much stored up inside.

Depression and.anxiety can be experienced by anyone at any time. And whilst we are going through a national crisis we can not underestimate the care and time that must be paid to each individual’s mental well being.


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