Do Any of The Following Resonate With You?

  • you have too much stress and anxiety
  • you are struggling to concentrate
  • you have poor memory
  • you feel emotional and are struggling to control your emotions
  • you have too much worry and are struggling to sleep at night
  • If so, Counselling Can Help.

    Affordable Counselling Services for Peterborough and Cambridge


    You’re worried about your relationship, you’ve lost that spark and are struggling to communicate, you’re arguing more than you’d like. You’ve been unhappy for a while and have finally decided to do something about it.

    Relationship counselling can provide a natural space where you can engage in constructive communication with your partner. You’ll build trust and shard meaning and bring joy back into your relationship.


    You're overwhelmed by constant thoughts and worry, you feel life is too much at times and you want to get some peace and calm back into your life. Or you're troubled by panic attacks, insomnia, or a lack of joy in life.

    One-to-one counselling can help you learn specific stress and anxiety reductions techniques that you can start to apply immediately in your life. You'll gain greater insight into the cause of your troubles. You'll sleep easier at night.


    You're experiencing anger. It's overwhelming and controlling your life. You take it out on people close to you. You want to stop it, but it arises so fast. One minute you're normal, the next you're abusive or punching walls.

    Anger Management Counselling can help you learn about how and why your anger occurs. You can explore the root causes of your anger and develop techniques to manage or eliminate your anger.

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    I help provide counselling and mindfulness services here in Peterborough. If you're concerned over any aspect of your mental health, working together could be the key to getting you back on track.

    Matt Mcginty

    PETERBOROUGH counsellor

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    It was easy to book. I just selected a time suitable to me, searched my chosen counsellor's diary and picked a time when we were both available. When I met Matt he was really friendly and soon put me at ease. We worked together for a few months and I feel much better now.

    hillarry mason

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