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Fun, Effective, And Unique Ways To Give Yourself A Mental Health Boost

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When it comes to taking care of your mental health, you already know that you have to eat well, exercise, and find a therapist if you need help. But what many of us don’t realise is that there are lots of ways to improve how we feel. Mental Wellness Counselling takes a look at some of the most unusual and unique.

Ditch your commute.

If possible, ask your employer about working from home. While many people find that their time in the car is ideal for listening to podcasts, giving yourself more time at home means you can get more sleep, exercise more often, and skip the drive-through at lunch each day. Plus, you can take your driving time and spend it with your spouse or children instead.

A waoman taking forest bath

Forest bathing.

While the name might sound kind of funny, the idea of forest bathing simply means that you immerse yourself in nature. Ontario Parks explains that there are proven benefits of time outdoors, including anxiety relief and improved creativity.

Woman laughing

Laughter yoga.

Here’s a fun one: laughter yoga. This is simply a form of exercise that combines deep breathing, stretching, and laughter to boost your mood and improve your overall health. Even if you’re not in the mood for giggles, there’s plenty of evidence to show that even an insincere haha can work wonders.

A man taking out hive to see honey


What’s the buzz with beekeeping? Bees can have a calming effect, which can reduce your brain’s output of stress hormones. BeeAware notes that the only real downfall to beekeeping is that you’re likely to get stung several times each year and may develop an allergic reaction over time. But … free honey!


Also known as grounding, earthing simply means that you walk barefoot on the grass and allow your toes and soles to connect with the Earth’s energy. This simple practice may reduce inflammation, promote relaxation, and improve sleep.

A bird in night in dark

Nighttime birdwatching.

Birdwatching during the day is fun and engaging. But keeping your eyes out for nocturnal flyers takes this hobby to a whole new level. You’ll need a great set of binoculars with infrared eliminators for the best experience.

Some people drumming circles

Drumming circles.

Drum circles are a unique form of therapy that puts you in close contact with rhythmic sounds, which are known to reduce stress and promote relaxation. To try drumming circles for yourself, you can look at MeetUp.

Art Therapy

Art therapy.

Learning how to draw your emotions helps you explore how you feel using whatever media makes sense to you. Crayons, paint, and even sculpting are all great alleviators of depression, anxiety, and bad moods. Taking an art therapy class can also improve your self-esteem and self-awareness.

Spend more time in the kitchen.

Healthy cooking is an obvious way to improve your health, both mentally and physically. But learning how to work with food you already love can also help you enjoy a sense of accomplishment. There are many easy, healthy, and delicious vegan options when you’re ready to diversify your plate and enjoy fun in the kitchen.

There are many unique ways to improve your mental health. As an added bonus, things like working from home to reclaim your time, learning how to cook, and attending a laughter yoga class will also help your mental health. Don’t be shy about getting started because even the most embarrassing and silly acts can help you get the last laugh on the things in life that work to bring you down.

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