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Free Counselling and Low Cost Counselling

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There are several organisations and charities that offer free counselling and in Peterborough.


The national charity Mind offer a free counselling service. It is time-limited one to one. And will be with a trained counsellor from various locations across Cambridgeshire. You need to fill out a referral form and submit. Wait time can be long, but they can be faster than the NHS.

Mind: Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, and South Lincolnshire


CPFT stands for the Cambridge and Peterborough Foundation Trust Psychological Wellbeing Service.  They are part of the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) services.  Their aim is to make psychological therapies more accessible to people experiencing common mental health problems. For example, depression and anxiety. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) approves the therapies offered.  They offer free counselling, but there can be a long wait.

Psychological Wellbeing Service (IAPT) – Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

Centre 31

Centre 31 have limited free counselling for those under 25.  Their  website and drop in centre offers advise on a range of problems including money, jobs and benefits, sexual health and housing and food. They are also active in schools in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire.

Free Counselling at Centre 31

Rape Crises

The Cambridge and Peterborough Rape Crisis Partnership (CAPRCP) services these regions. It is two independent dedicated specialist sexual violence organisations working in partnership. These are the Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre (CRCC) and Peterborough Rape Crisis Care Group (PRCCG).

The partnership has over 60 years’ combined experience in the design and delivery of specialist support services to survivors of rape and sexual abuse. They offer this support regardless of when the abuse happened.

Their core purpose is to ease the psychological and emotional trauma that affects survivors of sexual violence. Moreover, they work to assist victims to overcome both the short and long-term effects of sexual violence. This includes helping individuals to regain control of their lives and make positive decisions about their future.

CAPRCP Free Counselling Service

Cruse – Bereavement Counselling

Cruse Bereavement Care is the leading national charity for bereaved people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. They offer support, advice and information to children, young people and adults when someone dies and work to enhance society’s care of bereaved people.

Cruse offers face-to-face, telephone, email and website support. They have a Freephone national helpline and local services, and a website ( specifically for children and young people. Their services are provided by their network of 5,000 trained volunteers and are confidential and free. Cruse also provides training and consultancy for external organisations and for those who may encounter bereaved people in the course of their work.

Cruse Peterborough Branch

Mental Wellness Counselling

Unfortunately, Mental Wellness Counselling do not offer free counselling. This is because our counsellors are highly trained. They have often given up successful careers elsewhere to work here. We do try to keep our services as affordable as possible. We also offer group counselling.

Group Counselling

Over 100 years of research have shown that group counselling is as effective as 1-2-1 or better. This is because, although you do not get the undivided attention of the therapist you do get the support and understanding of a wider peer group. You will also have the opportunity to meet people who are suffering from the same things you are and learn that you are not alone.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Group Counselling


  • Much cheaper than 1-2-1
  • As effective as 1-2-1
  • A chance to listen and learn from others
  • A chance to support others
  • A chance to make friends


  • We only currently have groups dealing with depression and anxiety
  • Less individual time with the therapist.
  • Note: For rape, bereavement and other issues we don’t deal with look on the internet to see who is best for help. If you are feeling desperate or suicidal call the Samaritans 116 123 (UK).


1. How much does it cost?

We charge £10 per person per 60 min session.

2. How many people will be there?

The maximum number of people in each session is 8.

3. What happens if I don’t know anyone?

It doesn’t matter your therapist will introduce you and make you welcome

4. Will anyone know I have been in therapy?

No unless you personally being things up then all your details will remain confidential

5. What about confidentiality?

All members are requested to keep confidentiality so you can discuss freely in the group. Only vary rarely is this rule broken.

6. What benefits will I likely see?

Group therapy is known to be as effective as one to one therapy. Although the benefits vary from individual to individual you are likely you see an alleviation of your symptoms, usually within a few weeks.

Reach Out

If your interested in group counselling then reach out to contact us. You can tell  me a bit about what’s troubling you and I can answer any questions you might have.  We’ll discuss your goals and what service might be appropriate for you.

To discuss further call ​01733 639 040 or email: If you’d like to read more about group counselling click here (coming soon). I’m here for you.

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