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Is there a God ?  A God out there ?


And if there is does he care ?


Does he watch in constant disgrace


The day to day lives of the human race ?



Is he touched by the goodness    ?   Saddened by the bad  ?


Does he get angry with us ?  Does he get mad ?


Does he love us when we hurt other people ?


Does he even love us when we are evil  ?



Or perhaps there is no God at all.


Oh why does this make me feel so small ?


So lost, so lonely, so out of place.


Saddened by my loss of face.



Perhaps God’s the goodness in our heart.


The bit that binds us together and tears us apart.


The loving, the caring, the grieving.


And maybe, the selfishness, the deceit and the deceiving.



Is there a God ?  A God out there ?


And if there is , “ Do you care ” ?


It’s for everyone to make up their own mind.


For the truth’s right there; in your heart you’ll find.



And as for me I’m as happy as can be.


I’ve chosen God and he’s chosen me.


So please search your hearts, for he’s in there,


You’ll see.