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The Truth



It’s all too much to comprehend.


An infinite space that will never end.


A million stars that burn so bright.


Making patterns across our earthly night.



Things so large and things so small.


Far too complicated to understand them all.


But the search for the truth is a human desire.


It burns deep in our hearts  like an unquenchable fire.



Too many questions to ponder upon.


As soon as one’s answered , another’s begun.


Too many questions which we ask.


Answering them all is an impossible task.



The truth is we will never know.


What it is that seems to make us go.


We will never stop till the picture’s complete.


And never once will we admit to defeat.



But as times gone on I realise.


That truth after all is not the greatest prize.


For where would we be if we could not ponder?


What would we do  if our mind could not wander.



There would be nothing to search for, nothing to question.


No point in raising or sharing a suggestion.


Or an idea as absurd as it may seem.


There would  be no point in even having a  “dream”.