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No Time At All

 Time moved slower in the past,

In the present its all too fast.

No one has time, there’s too much to do;

No time to touch the morning dew,

Or smell the roses as they sweep past

Or gaze at a rainbow high in the sky.

It fades so quickly, it’s all gone by.




No one has time, no time at all.

From spring to summer, from summer to fall.




I often wonder; “Am I the only one to care”?

Is it just me that feels the fresh spring air ?

Just  me who marvels at an insects lair?

Perhaps its the clock ticking on the wall

That helps me appreciate things so small.

Or is it just the sands of time?

Slowly taking all that was mine.




“No time at all”, that’s what they all say,

“Too much to do, too short a day”.




I’ve  plenty of time, time to think

Time to look for that missing link

Or ponder upon a days work done,

Or watch the rising of a new one begun,

Or rock away in my chair

Slowly as if in prayer

That maybe somebody will give the ‘time of day’




To visit an old man

Before he passes away!