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How Lucky We Are

    How lucky we are indeed

    That in this universe of electrons and blind physical forces

    In a world of DNA and selfish genes

    Through the unknowing process of natural selection

    And the uncaring path of evolution

    That such twists and turns of incomprehensible magnitude

    Have lead to this feeling called love


    A love born of genetic selfishness

    That’s directed by instinct alone

    But a love so strong, so powerful, so wonderful


    People will die for their love of others

    While some die lacking its nutrias embrace

    And all are enslaved to its enticing glow


    From the first heart beat in the mothers womb

    To the tears shed at an old mans wake

    The most precious resource we have

    That’s so often misunderstood and abused

    Squandered with misconception


    A love for the people around us

    A love for those we know

    A love for ourselves and our achievements

    A love for nature and Mother Earth

    A love for the precious life we live


    Never forget – how lucky we are

    To at least have the chance to experience –

    Unconditional love