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5 Essential Steps for Healing Anxiety

Anxiety can make you feel like you are the only one who is shaky or fearful. Yet, anxiety affects everyone, particularly when there is a real or perceived threat. In fact, almost everyone wants to flee

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Anxiety: 9 Key Things No One Tells You

Anxiety is an emotion that is common in everyone’s life. It enables you to recognize and react to danger in “fight or flight” mode. In other words, anxiety motivates you to deal with difficult situations. Anxiety

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14 Anxiety Symptoms to look out for

Do you wonder if you or your loved are suffering from an anxiety disorder? Like any other health issue, knowing the symptoms and what to look out for can help. Here’s a few of the key ones:  1.

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The 3 Minute Breathing Space: How to Stay Calm When Under Fire

Ever wanted a fool proof technique to stay calm no matter what? Even if you got dumped with a last minute deadline or have to present to a large audience or end up starting a new job. Even if everything

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11 Proven Ways To deal with Stress and Anxiety

Who hasn’t occasionally had feelings of stress, anxiety, and nervousness?A little here and there is an accepted part of modern life. But when they throw a person off balance they can wreak havoc

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Counselling For Depression and Anxiety – Why and What to Expect

Ever feel in a low mood and be anxious in certain circumstances? Depression and anxiety are normal human feelings that are a healthy reaction to certain situations. If occurring over a short period of

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How to Deal With Stress At Work (a very short guide)

Ever feel like you just want to pack it all in? Jobs can be a great source of satisfaction as well as providing us with the means to get by. They’re often not without their problems though. Rising

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5 Easy Ways to be More Mindful for a Stress Free life

Can you remember your last lunch? The one you ate today or yesterday. Did you stop to look at the colours or the shades? Did you notice the aroma? What about the texture and taste once the food was in

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