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5 Ways to Keep a Healthy Mind

Many people focus on physical health, particularly physical nutrition and physical fitness. Yet, a healthy mind is as important as a healthy body. A healthy mind increases happiness and it plays a big

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10 Things to Help You Sleep

Sleep is very critical to your health and wellbeing more so because it helps to reduce your risk of suffering from various physical and mental illnesses  including stress, depression, diabetes, heart

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The 3 Minute Breathing Space: How to Stay Calm When Under Fire

Ever wanted a fool proof technique to stay calm no matter what? Even if you got dumped with a last minute deadline or have to present to a large audience or end up starting a new job. Even if everything

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A Simple Practice that Helps You Shed Pounds and Lower Stress

Sounds like a dream, right?   Slowing down, easing anxiety, loosing weight, decreasing stress and all the while making minimal changes to your lifestyle.   But what if there was a way to make

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How Mindful Walking Increases your Lifespan

We often associate Mindfulness with sitting still or meditating. But in fact there are many ways to be mindful. Walking, in my opinion, is one of the best. Mindful walking can be incredibly beneficial.

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