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Common Mental Health Problems and Benefits of Counselling

According to some studies, more than 300 thousand people lose their jobs in the UK every year due to their long-term mental health issues. Furthermore, two in three adults admit that they have experienced

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Counselling For Depression and Anxiety – Why and What to Expect

Ever feel in a low mood and be anxious in certain circumstances? Depression and anxiety are normal human feelings that are a healthy reaction to certain situations. If occurring over a short period of

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Can you remember your last sleepless night?

Can you remember your last sleepless night? You wanted to be calm, you wanted your mind to be quiet, you wanted to just not think, but all sorts of thoughts kept coming. And your not alone. Take Sarah

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5 Proven Steps to Free yourself from Depression once and for all.

Depression is the ‘black dog’ of the night. It robs life of joy, causes crippling anxiety and lead to feelings of empty despair and dissatisfaction. It is pervasive. It affects all corners of life.

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