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3 Universal Benefits of Mindfulness that will Supercharge your life

The research on Mindfulness has proven that it is beneficial for a long list of problems that people can suffer. From relationships to insomnia, depression to confidence, and from creativity to resilience,

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Why Compassion Equals Happiness

A quick walk down the street or a flick of the TV would suggest we find happiness in material possessions. Adverts everywhere tell us that we need to buy this product or another appliance. That we also

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How Mindful Walking Increases your Lifespan

We often associate Mindfulness with sitting still or meditating. But in fact there are many ways to be mindful. Walking, in my opinion, is one of the best. Mindful walking can be incredibly beneficial.

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5 Easy Ways to be More Mindful for a Stress Free life

Can you remember your last lunch? The one you ate today or yesterday. Did you stop to look at the colours or the shades? Did you notice the aroma? What about the texture and taste once the food was in

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How to Practice Mindfulness in less than 1 min a day

It’s official! Mindfulness is for busy people. So it’s not just for those with time on their hands. Increasing numbers of CEOs are taking Mindfulness, not just for themselves, but for their organisations

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A Very Short Guide to Mindfulness and how it helps reduce stress

Mindfulness is a bit of a buzzword at the moment. Yet despite that, it’s hard to find what it is and what its main benefits are. Mindfulness is best thought of as awareness. It takes place at the

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