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How to Deal With Stress At Work (a very short guide)

Ever feel like you just want to pack it all in? Jobs can be a great source of satisfaction as well as providing us with the means to get by. They’re often not without their problems though. Rising

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Can you remember your last sleepless night?

Can you remember your last sleepless night? You wanted to be calm, you wanted your mind to be quiet, you wanted to just not think, but all sorts of thoughts kept coming. And your not alone. Take Sarah

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Why Mindfulness plus Values is a Winning Combination

I write about Mindfulness a lot, and why not? It may be one of the easiest, most available ways to improve your general well-being. It’s certainly helped me a lot. The act of putting distance between

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7 Unknown Myths About Happiness that are Destroying Your Life

Imagine for a moment that everything you believe about happiness is wrong? That the psychologists, psychotherapists and self-help gurus who claim that they have the answers are wrong. Moreover, that most

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How to Let Go: The Unexpected Joy of a Mindful Lifestyle

Mindfulness is often associated with awareness or meditation, but in truth it’s a lot more. In it’s simplest sense it is those things. A full acceptance of Mindfulness, however, means adopting certain

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The 3 Main Mindfulness Programmes

Overall there are three main courses that cover Mindfulness. Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MSBR), Mindful Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Mindfulness Now. Mindfulness Now is the newest and most dynamic

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Mindfulness for Business: Well Being at Work

Whether your a large blue-chip giant or the humblest small business you have a responsibility to your employees. Under UK health and safety law employers have a duty of care to manage stress in the workplace.

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Mindful Coaching: Is it for you?

Learning Mindfulness is not easy and takes time. It can be a practice that you need encouragement to stick with, or guidance to get right. If you’d like one-to-one coaching then we run these sessions

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How to Reduce Your Pain (Without taking medication)

What if I were to tell you pain was all in the mind? Would you believe me. Because new evidence suggests that it is. That what goes on in our mind influences our response to pain. These studies overturn

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5 Proven Steps to Free yourself from Depression once and for all.

Depression is the ‘black dog’ of the night. It robs life of joy, causes crippling anxiety and lead to feelings of empty despair and dissatisfaction. It is pervasive. It affects all corners of life.

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