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11 Proven Ways To deal with Stress and Anxiety

Who hasn’t occasionally had feelings of stress, anxiety, and nervousness?A little here and there is an accepted part of modern life. But when they throw a person off balance they can wreak havoc

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Top Benefits of Meditation Infographic

Meditation, even for just a few minutes a day, has been found to have great benefits in decreasing stress and anxiety. Click here to learn more about Mindfulness training for stress and anxiety.

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A Simple Practice that Helps You Shed Pounds and Lower Stress

Sounds like a dream, right?   Slowing down, easing anxiety, loosing weight, decreasing stress and all the while making minimal changes to your lifestyle.   But what if there was a way to make

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How to Ease Chronic Anxiety and Stress in Less than 5 minutes a day

Do you constantly lay awake at night with worry? Are you filled with anxiety and tension all day long?   It could be your relationship with your boss, spouse or children. It could be bills to pay,

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23 proven reasons mindfulness will grow your brain, eliminate pain and beat cancer

I guess you’re like most people.   You’ve had periods in your life where life has seemed out of control. Where nothing you do seems to go right. Where events seem destined to tarnish your

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Counselling For Depression and Anxiety – Why and What to Expect

Ever feel in a low mood and be anxious in certain circumstances? Depression and anxiety are normal human feelings that are a healthy reaction to certain situations. If occurring over a short period of

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The Top 5 Easy to Implement but Concrete Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness has been in the press a lot of late and it’s not hard to see why. It’s impact on stress and anxiety can be significant and the knock-on effects just as beneficial. In fact, there’s now

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How to Deal With Stress At Work (a very short guide)

Ever feel like you just want to pack it all in? Jobs can be a great source of satisfaction as well as providing us with the means to get by. They’re often not without their problems though. Rising

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Can you remember your last sleepless night?

Can you remember your last sleepless night? You wanted to be calm, you wanted your mind to be quiet, you wanted to just not think, but all sorts of thoughts kept coming. And your not alone. Take Sarah

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Why Mindfulness plus Values is a Winning Combination

I write about Mindfulness a lot, and why not? It may be one of the easiest, most available ways to improve your general well-being. It’s certainly helped me a lot. The act of putting distance between

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