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Areas of Therapy

There Are Many Benefits to Counselling

 Counselling can successfully help you with your troubles. Whether it is Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Anger Management,  Mental Wellness Counselling can help you:

  • become more calm and confident
  • more able to enjoy life
  • face life’s difficulties with ease
  • have tools and techniques that you can use for difficult times

These are a few of the ways I can help

Kindness, Comfort and Direction I needed

I thoroughly enjoyed my counselling with Matt at Mental Wellness Counselling. There's too much to put into words, but Matt helped me overcome the most intense anxiety attacks and gave me the kindness, comfort and direction I needed to get on with my life. If your thinking of counselling or worried about anything in your life try this kind and caring man.

Alison Viner

I was nervous about attending but Matt is such a calm and friendly guy that I immediately felt at ease. Now I've learnt so much about how to manage my stress. I feel much better. I am more calmer and relaxed and able to appreciate life more. Some of the best Counselling in Peterborough.

Derren Joseph , Peterborough

1-2-1 Coaching

I have spent a lot of my life battling with my mind and it’s habit of constant, obsessive, repetitive (negative) thinking. To start to understand that I need to observe my thoughts/mind with kindness and observe my thoughts with interest and return to ‘the moment’ via the breath, has helped me enormously to feel I can move forward more peacefully.


8-week Mindfulness Now Course

I am a NHS consultant who has suffered recurrent episodes of depression and was at the point of ‘burn-out’ prior to attending the 8-week Mindful Now. The course has taught me so much about myself and my habitual patterns of negative thinking. Myself and my family are already seeing the benefits of incorporating mindfulness into my daily routine and I am keen to develop the basic skills and knowledge that I have acquired.

Mike NHS

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