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Learn to manage your anger even if it's been out of control for a long time!

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Mental Wellness Counselling is results-focused counselling and course provider. Our founder Matt Mcginty is an Anger Management therapist whose been working with anger for several years. As a specialist in anger management, he's helped thousands of clients change their view of anger and realise that it's a manageable problem with known causes and proven techniques for getting emotions and feelings under control.

He's passionate about helping anyone overcome their anger issues, helping them understand every part of the anger emotion and how to relax and stay calm in any situation.

 To facilitate the spread of the best anger management techniques we’ve created a online course that avoids ‘psychobabble’. Instead we focus on practical techniques, and results over specific time periods. We don’t just help you control your temper. We also look at the reasons behind your anger, treating the causes as well as the symptoms.


Discover how our courses help thousands eliminate their anger and improve their relationships

This course will give you a fresh perspective on what anger is, where it comes from and provide natural methods that will show you how to control it correctly.

When you watch the videos, you will understand why it's crucial to learn and practice anger management techniques. Not only for improving your relationships and feeling better but also for improving your physical health!

All with a small time investment, starting with as little as 10 minutes per day and gradually building to about 30 minutes per day.

This course will teach you how to let go of anger quickly and how to deal with anger healthily.


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After having some unsuitable therapists I’m glad I discovered Matt, he has a comforting, laid back and helpful approach that really works for me.

He has a unique way of listening and adding ‘food for thought’ type questions that help me figure out solutions for myself.

I have noticed so many improvements in my anger management and overall mental wellbeing since our work together.

I would recommend Matt to anyone!!!

Eddy Miller

Marketing expert

Matt has been a fantastic support to me and continues to be so. Listens non-judgementally and helps arrive at solutions, very knowledge on lots of areas. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Abi Thompson

Designer ui/ux

Matt is very professional, knowledgeable and a great listener. Matt allows you to explore how you feel in your own time without any pressure or judgement. Therapy was the best decision I made.

Lee Armand

CFO of the company

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Anger Management that Works

When you enrol, you'll immediately get access to all the modules in the course. Each module contains several lessons with short, high-quality videos containing practical scenarios and examples. Every module comes with downloadable resources that you can use to identify patterns and thought processes that lead to angry states and valuable tools you can use to control your anger and quickly resolve situations.

Lifetime Access

Once you enrol, you'll have access to the course for life, so you can repeat any of the modules and have access to any future updates.

Course Completion Certificate

On completion of the course, you'll receive a Certificate of Achievement that you can use to prove you've undertaken the course.

Proven Exercises

Easy and rewarding tools, presented simply and understandably. The neuroscience behind each tool is explained.

Questions and Answer Forum

Every lesson has a questions and answer forum, where you can post questions for your tutor, who'll respond within 48 hours.