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About Therapists Corner

You’re a therapist. You’ve undertaken a long journey to get where you are. But staying on top of your game is a difficult task.

The amount to learn is overwhelming. Knowing what to pick from and what to ignore is hard. Conferences and video courses are a dime a dozen these days, but the former involves travel, and both can be expensive, while quality is never guaranteed. And there’s seldom an opportunity to skip to the good bits.

Books are no better either.

Too often, you’ve ordered a book that didn’t deliver on its title’s promise. The text is too dense or fails to inspire. You put it down or close the article your reading, wishing the explanations more straightforward and precise.

As a counselling and psychotherapy doctoral student, I sympathise. Countless times I’ve bought a book, took a course or attended a conference and found it useful, but poorly explained. After long hours I’ve walked away not sure how much I’ve learnt.

It’s tiring and demoralising, and waste of hard-earned money.

The solution for me was finding good teachers.

That’s why I started this blog; to help talented, caring therapists with practical information that they can use in their daily practice.

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