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Bereavement and Depression Peterborough

Have you ever felt like your mind is fragile and broken and you are walking on a knife edge and that you are never going to get better? Don’t worry you are not alone – I understand how difficult that can be if you are struggling with depression, stress or handling grief on your own.

If you have found our website, it’s likely that you are looking for the answer and the support you may need in order to help you to release your stress of holding many emotions; and to be able to regain control of your life.

How can Counselling Help

Many people may not aware that counselling can be used for a wide range of mental health issues, this including but not limited to depression, worry, sleep problems, anger, lack of self-confidence, obsessive compulsive disorder and many other mental health related problems.

The biggest benefit of having Mental Wellness Counselling is that I offer a totally relaxed open space for you to discuss what is going on in your life that is affecting your mental health without the fear of judgement but with listening and understanding. Just by knowing that you have that place to go every week or a fortnight can be enough for you to feel relieve.

Mental Health Issues:


When someone is grieving, especially if it is their first experience of the death of someone close to them, not knowing what to expect or how best to handle certain situations often intensifies their grief. At Mental Wellness Counselling, I have found there are four major themes that provide a framework for helping to understand grief more fully. These themes will help you work out where to focus your attention so that you can begin to regain some control in your life.


When you are feeling hopeless or you are in a low mood and it seems to you that life is full of sadness and nothing can cheer you up, or you might feel you have lost interest in things around you and your mind is having bad thoughts.This experience is normal when you are depressed and you will need someone there for you to listen and to support you to make you feel better. This is when professional private depression counselling can benefit you and help you find your way towards a better life.

Low Self Esteem

At the heart of self-esteem lies your central belief about yourself and your core ideas about the kind of person you are. If you are feeling self-doubt, put others before yourself or have difficulty asserting needs or speaking out, or have negative beliefs about yourself are the essence of low-esteem.Considering professional low self-esteem counselling can help you feel better and find the confidence you need to move towards a better lifestyle.

Compulsive Tendencies

OCD, PTSD, Compulsions and trauma are common occurrences in modern life. They are all forms of anxiety, but have different triggers, symptoms and treatment. Although OCD and PTSD are very similar and usually connected as any trigger that cause the symptoms of OCD might also have a chance to cause PTSD in the same person; and this may be the reason why OCD and PTSD are so commonly found together. You can find out more about this on our OCD and PTSD page.


Stress can take many forms and affect people in different ways, the very common symptoms of stress are headaches, feeling tension in your neck and shoulders or even feeling your stomach churning and have indigestion from eating. Or you may feel irritable and get angry easily, the best way to help you to release your unpleasant feelings is to have someone there for you to listen to your concerns and to be understanding of the situation you are in.  To find out how professional counselling can help you regain your self-confidence please visit our stress and depression page for more info.

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Here at Mental Wellness Counselling we use a number of different approaches to help people overcome their problems all tailored to individual requirements. These include Bereavement and Low Self-Esteem Counselling, Stress and Depression Counselling and exploration of any contributing factors to your mental health issues. We have an excellent success rate.

Reach out to schedule your first appointment, You can schedule your consultation here. During your first session, you can share a bit about what’s troubling you and I can answer any questions you might have. We’ll discuss your goals and my approach and assess whether we are the right fit for each other.If you have any questions related to counselling, you can get in touch with me on 01733 639 040 or email me at and I will respond within 24 business hours.