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Emotional Therapy Peterborough

A lack of emotional regulation skills is often the cause of the development of addiction as addicts turn to substance abuse as a way to cope with difficult emotions. The great news is that you can overcome this with professional counselling and without any medication involved.

If you have found our website, it’s likely that you are looking for the answer and support you may need in order to help you to release your stress of holding many emotions.

How can Counselling Help

Many people may not aware that counselling can be used for a wide range of mental health issues, this including but not limited to depression, worry, sleep problems, anger, lack of self-confidence, obsessive compulsive disorder and many other mental health related problems.

The biggest benefit of having Mental Wellness Counselling is that I offer a totally relaxed open space for you to discuss what is going on in your life that is affecting your mental health without the fear of judgement but with listening and understanding. Just by knowing that you have that place to go every week or a fortnight can be enough for you to feel relieve.

Mental Health Issues:

Mood Regulation

Learning to control and tolerate emotional distress is a fundamental part of our mood regulation counselling session, we will help you to develop some techniques that you can use on this area and eventually you will be able to face the problems and begin to improve. Just bear in mind that the level of consistency is important in counselling and your commitment is key to your counselling being successful.

Emotional Instability Disorder

Emotional Instability Disorder also known as Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), as with any personality disorder only a psychiatrist can formally diagnose you as having BPD. It’s quite common to have this disorder and there have been many effective non- medicative treatments developed for this mental health issue.

Quit Smoking

Have you been trying to give up smoking but had no success? We have some good news for you, there are many successful programs that can assist you to achieve that. Giving up smoking has a big impact on your mental health, we are here to help you if you find it extremely difficult to do it on your own.

Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder also known as BPD. If you are emotionally unstable, anxiety-ridden and have a pattern of self-destructive behaviour, these are some of the BPD symptoms and you are not alone as this is quite common. However, BPD is treatable, and counselling can help you to feel calmer and find peacefulness within yourself.

Chronic Pain

Nobody likes pain but sometimes our physical discomfort are the attempts to make ourselves feel better from our body. The professionally structured Mindfulness practice can help resolve these conditions and enrich our life in process.

Chronic Back Pain

Most of us assume that persistent back pain must be due to the damage to the disk or other structures of the spine. In fact, many people continue to have back pain even after successful surgical repair, this leads into questions about how the chronic back pain happens and what caused it. Could a muscle tension be causing this intense back pain? What is the non-surgical approach to help with the pain?

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Here at Mental Wellness Counselling we use a number of different approaches to help people overcome their problems all tailored to individual requirements. These include Quit Smoking, BPD and Mood Regulation Counselling as well as Chronic Pain Treatment; and exploration of any contributing factors to your mental health issues. We have an excellent success rate.

Reach out to schedule your first appointment, You can schedule your consultation here. During your first session, you can share a bit about what’s troubling you and I can answer any questions you might have. We’ll discuss your goals and my approach and assess whether we are the right fit for each other.If you have any questions related to counselling, you can get in touch with me on 01733 639 040 or email me at and I will respond within 24 business hours.